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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by falk65, Dec 31, 2005.

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    I am going to buy a PSU and it is lot of types to look at but i found one wich i somehow find to look trusthworthy and it is a good trademark in cooling solutions but i have not heard anything about their PSU but it is heavyweight and somone here says more weight more quality but below here is table of numbers of what it deliver of watts and volts.


    AC Input
    100VAC ~ 240VAC ±10% DC OUTPUT
    Frequency 47Hz~63Hz Output V.
    Output Load Range
    AC Input Current
    (Rated) 115VAC 7.5A Imin Imax Ipeak
    230VAC 3.5A +3.3VDC 0.3A 28A
    180W 460W
    PFC Type Active PFC +5VDC 0.5A 30A
    Power Factor 96% Min. @ 230VAC (Full Load)
    +12V1DC 1A 16A 19A 360W
    Inrush Current
    (@ Cold start
    at 25°C) 115VAC 30A
    +12V2DC 1A 18A 22A
    230VAC 60A -12VDC 0.0A 0.8A
    Efficiency 80% Min. @ 230VAC (Full Load)
    0.0A 2.0A
    DC Output
    Stability Output V.
    Stable Range
    Load Protection Features
    +3.3VDC ±5% +3.14V~+3.45V Over Voltage Protection(OVP)
    +5VDC ±5% +4.75V~+5.25V Over Current Protection(OCP)
    +12V1DC ±5% +11.4V~+12.6V Short Circuit Protection(SCP)
    +12V2DC ±5% +11.4V~+12.6V Over Temperature Protection(OTP)
    -12VDC ±10% -10.8V ~-13.2V Under Voltage Protection(UVP)
    +5VSB ±5% +4.75V~+5.25V Ambient Temperature
    DC Output
    & Noise Output V.
    Standard Range
    Load Operation 0°C ~ +50°C
    +3.3VDC 50mV Storage -20°C ~ +80°C
    +5VDC 50mV Ambient Humidily
    +12V1DC 120mV Operation 5%RH ~ 95%RH
    +12V2DC 120mV Storage 5%RH ~ 95%RH
    -12VDC 120mV Dimensions
    +5VSB 50mV 150(L) X 140(W) X 86(H)


    I am preety sure this is a good product but someone here wich know something about PSU maybe give his word about it.

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    Zalman's PSU's aren't as easy to find, and that seems to be a bit pricier than similar power supplies. If you're into silent, or near-silent computing, that might be worth a look. The specs are quite decent, and while I personally don't have any experience with Zalman's products in general, what little I have seen and read has been positive.

    On the flip-side, you can get some equivalent or more powerful unit's for less or equal pricing from the likes of Antec and Enermax. Newegg lists some very inexpensive Fortron (FSP Group) AX400-PN and AX450-PN units for $39.99 & $49.99--respectfully-- that provide nearly the same specs (450W in particular). From personal experience from the FSP Group's Sparkle brand, if you want a cheap, but solid power supply in that wattage range, I'd would definitely look at the Fortron AX450-PN. Now, I don't know if it's going to be as quiet as the Zalman, but outside of the probable lower noise output, I'm finding it very hard to find a good reason to recommend paying $100 for that power supply. If you can find it for, say $60-70, I'd go for it, but the prices seem to be closer to $100, and I can't recommend it over power supplies that are just as good, if not better, that you can find for nearly half the cost.

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