x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Discs Mailed to you For Free.

Discussion in 'Linux, BSD and Other OS's' started by Impotence, Jul 20, 2006.

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    This is Aimed at Dial Up users / Broadband users with a bandwidth Cap who don't want to wait the 4-6 weeks for shipit CD's to arrive.

    What i am proposing is that if you mail me a Blank Media (CD or DVD, depending on what disc you request) and a Self Address Envelope (with stamp) i will send back the media with the appropriate ISO burned onto it for you. I should be able to send your disc back within a few days of receiving it! (so around a week/week and a half between you sending the 'order' and getting it back, of course i cant promise this but i will do my best to stick to it!)

    I have the entire Ubuntu collection on disc. that's i386[x86], AMD64, PPC (Mac) versions of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu in CD (Desktop and Alternate) & DVD Format.

    Please PM for My Address if you are interested, Download and print the attachment... its an "order form" (Currently its in .doc format, .rtf and .odt formats will be available when there added to the "Valid File Extensions" for attachments).

    You will need to send me:
    • A writeable CD or DVD (i cannot afford to buy blank media, sorry)
    • A SAE [Self Addressed Envelope] with stamp attached, for me to send the disc back in (Again, i cant afford envelopes and stamps!).
    • A Phone Number and/or email address (just encase there are any problems)
    • A Printed Copy of the order form with the Disc/s You want marked (please mark with an X)

    Please Note: If you select Multiple Disc's on the order form you will have too provide disc's for all of them (CD's or DVD's depending on the selected disc) and check that the post office don't want extra for postage, if they do you will also have to attach enough stamps to the SAE for me to send it back (or send just send multiple orders, as i doubt 1CD is over the weight limit for 1st or second class stamp!).

    Please make sure your SAE is big enough for a CD! (And any cardboard etc you use to protect the media you send to me)

    Put simply, I'm not charging a penny for this 'service' but i cant let it cost me anything (other than time and power!).

    Please feel free to ask questions! (You can PM me or post here).

    Please note: For the moment (untill My ISP imposes a bandwidth cap apon me...) i willing to download ANY Linux ISO for you, and mail it to you free of charge (under the same terms as above). If you wish to take me up on this offer please send me a Private Message

    Current Volunteers

    Impotence [PM Me] [My Disc's]
    Addis [PM Me] [My Disc's]

    United States
    Anti-Trend [PM Me] [My Disc's]

    Pelvis_3 [PM Me] [My Disc's]

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    x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Disc's Mailed to you For Free. [UK]

    Well that's a good offer :good:
  3. Impotence

    Impotence May the source be with u!

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    x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Disc's Mailed to you For Free. [UK]

    Thanks :D

    I'm Currently Comparing all the ISO's to there MD5 sums to check that i got them all ok :D 48.7 GB of ISO's to go through.... i need an automated way to do this! lol
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    x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Disc's Mailed to you For Free. [UK]

    Nice offer, Impotence. In the spirit of open source, I'll join in too since I'm in the US and you're in Scotland.

    Im offering the same deal for the following distros:

    common/Linux & Unix Distros/
    |-- Backtrack
    |   `-- backtrack-beta-05022006.iso
    |-- CentOS
    |   |-- CentOS-4.3-i386-binDVD.iso
    |   `-- CentOS-4.3.ServerCD-i386.iso
    |-- DSL
    |   `-- DSL-2.1.iso
    |-- Debian
    |   |-- debian-31r2-i386-binary-1.iso
    |   |-- debian-31r2-i386-binary-2.iso
    |   `-- debian-31r2-i386-businesscard.iso
    |-- Endian Firewall
    |   |-- EFW-1.1rc8.iso
    |   `-- EFW_COMMUNITY_2.iso
    |-- FreeBSD
    |   |-- 6.0-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
    |   `-- 6.0-RELEASE-i386-disc2.iso
    |-- FreeNAS
    |   `-- FreeNAS-0.67.iso
    |-- GeexBox
    |   |-- geexbox-1.0-en.i386.iso
    |   `-- geexbox-1.0-en.ppc.iso
    |-- IPCop
    |   `-- ipcop-install-1.4.10.i386.iso
    |-- Kiosk CD
    |   |-- kcd-customizer-linux-v2.8.tz
    |   |-- kioskcd-v2.8-std-nojava.iso
    |   `-- kioskcd-v2.8-std.iso
    |-- KnopMyth
    |   `-- KnoppMythR5A22.iso
    |-- Linspire
    |   `-- linspire_5.0.347.iso
    |-- Mandriva
    |   |-- Mandriva 2006 Free
    |   |   `-- Mandriva-Linux-Free-2006-DVD.i586.iso
    |   `-- Mandriva 2006 Powerpack
    |       `--  Mandriva-2006-Powerpack-i586-DVD.iso
    |-- SME Server
    |   `-- smeserver-7.0.iso
    |-- SymphonyOS
    |   `-- symphonyos-beta1_pr1-108.iso
    |-- System Rescue CD
    |   `-- systemrescuecd-x86-0.2.17.iso
    |-- Trinity Rescue Kit
    |   `-- trinity-rescue-kit.3.1-build-210.iso
    |-- Ubuntu and Variations
    |   `-- xubuntu-6.06-desktop-i386.iso
    |-- Vector
    |   `-- VL-5.1-std.iso
    `-- m0n0wall
        |-- cdrom-1.22.iso
        `-- generic-pc-1.22.img
    If there's a newer version of one of the listed distributions, or another disto which is not listed that you really want, let me know and I'll download it for you. I just upgraded my internet connection to 6 megabit, so it shouldn't take too long. Just PM me with the subject: "Distros Please!" and list which distros you want and how many of each. I'll give you my mailing address and we can get the finer points worked out.

  5. Impotence

    Impotence May the source be with u!

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    x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Disc's Mailed to you For Free. [UK]

    I Have Just Posted in Suggestions & Feedback requesting that this 'project' gets the support of the hwf community, i have requested a separate forum for posts along the lines of these (and a few more idea's for it)

    Please leave comments and feedback on the idea, with your support or criticism [HERE]!
  6. Addis

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    x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Disc's Mailed to you For Free. [UK]

    I have a good connection and can download just about anything needed. My list that I currently have on physical media is below. PM me if anything else is needed.

    View my distro list

    Addis - UK volunteer
  7. Impotence

    Impotence May the source be with u!

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    x86/AMD64/PPC K/X/Ed/Ubuntu Disc's Mailed to you For Free. [UK]

    Can somebody edit the thread title so it doesnt have [UK] at the end??? (i tried editing the first post but it didnt make a diffrence... )

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