GlobalWin Jefi & Starfi Review

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    System Cooling has one of the most bizzare watercooling kits for review.

    The Jefi and Starfi are just two items from a brand new GlobalWIN line of the products that seem to be sporting a very marine like theme. But these new products aren’t just aimed at the watercooling sector but all aspects of computing. For example there are the Eleel and Leleel series of power supplies, the Dorri external hard disk enclosure and the Seaho (yes, I said Seaho) fan speed controller. For more information about these and other products please visit the GlobalWIN website.

    This would be something to look at if you've got an ocean-themed case mod going on. This is just one of those things that you're either going to groan or rave over. Either way, check it out, because it is definitely unique.

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