my beloved monitor acting strangely

Discussion in 'Video Cards, Displays and TV Tuners' started by Jecht, May 2, 2007.

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    my monitor was working perfectly for a year untill one day, the power shut off on it by itself. i was like hmm thats strange so i go to turn it back on but that was a no go. i then unplugged it for a bit, then plugged it back in, and it worked. it turned on, then like 4 min later it shut off again. i was like shit. so then i did the same thing, and turned it back on. it shut off in less than 5 min. so i ran a timer on each time i did it, and it seemed to shut off at random intervals that was less than 5 minutes each. i tried changing the power cord, but that wasent the problem. so i got a new crt and put that one in the garage for about a month, thinking about getting it repaired. so today, i decided to try it again. i have had it on for at least a couple hours and it hasent gone out. strange. i dont know if it will do it again, but i think thats a good sign. maybe it was being really bitchy that day i dunno, my computer does that sometimes. does anybody know what could of been happening? thx
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    that's what computer stuff is like, i usually take whatever is misbehaving for a drive in the boot of the car, and it usually works[ot]unless you know how & why it's dead[/ot]

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