Need new graphics card.

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    Hi guys,

    Running Windows 7 on my old PC, which I keep upstairs. Just maxed out the board as far as memory is concerned (2GB) and the performance is great, except for watching DVDs, whereas the screen output jitters a little.

    The problem lies with the graphics card. The board supports 1.5V, 8X/4X AGP card. The card that I have in the PC is a Radeon 9200 (I think - long time since I installed it). The motherboard is an old Asrock K7S41.

    The motherboard manual gives a 'caution' not to use a 3.3V AGP card or the board may sustain permanent damage! So there may be limitations as to what card I can put in.

    Is there a graphics card anyone could recommend for the old motherboard - that would be compatible with Windows 7, and indeed, the motherboard? I don't need anything fancy, like for gaming, for example, just a bog standard card that will work in W7 as far as watching DVDs is concerned..

    Many thanks,


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