Nikon Releases Updated NikonView 4.3.1 Software for Windows XP

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    Nikon has released this week-end an updated version 4.3.1 of its NikonView software. The main new feature of this release is the addition of the Microsoft Windows XP support making CoolPix cameras perfectly usable under this OS. This english release supports the following cameras:

    • D1
    • D1X
    • D1H
    • Coolpix 5000
    • Coolpix 995
    • Coolpix 990
    • Coolpix 885
    • Coolpix 880
    • Coolpix 775

    Please note that NikonView 4.3.1 does not support the serial interface on the Coolpix 990 or Coolpix 880 or previous Coolpix models which did not support USB. Click below to start your download:

    Download Here (12.5MB)

    Source: Activewin

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