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Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by hdfk, Apr 14, 2006.

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    hi dudes, just to clear sumin up i was always lead to believe if i bought a amd 3500+ its kind of like having a intel 3.5 (i no amds faster) but i was on comets website and i saw this :
    Processor model number 3100+
    Processor speed 1.9 GHz
    Wouldnt the processar speed be 3.1??
    Why cant they all be the same lol.
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    I think that it will run at 1.9GHz, but it will be equilvelent to a 3.1GHz intel chip. I am not entirely sure though, so can someone confirm this?
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    Okay AMD CPUs use different labelling as that is the comparable speed of the CPU. So a 3200+ May not run at 3.2GHz but its performance is roughly equivalent to that of a 3.2GHz Intel CPU.

    This is because AMD CPUs do more work per clock cycle (they have an onboard memory controller so have quick access to RAM - this gives a performance gain over Intel CPUs as they have to communicate with the RAM via the Northbridge, because AMD wastes less time communicating with the RAM it has more time to perform tasks)

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