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    Thanks, my first post here. I could sure use some help, and hope this is the right place for this question.

    Somehow I got my permissions all messed up. I can't access some folders. I have worked a lot trying to use properties-security tab and playing around, and I can sometimes change permissions so I can use a folder. But I am trying to open "Documents and Settings" and it will not let me change permissions on it and I can't get into it. I think I could before this mess started.

    When I start up, instead of one account (jim) which had administrative privileges, now I have two, Administrators and jim. I always had all permissions with jim, but somehow it's messed up now.
    Why can't I have complete control over my own computer as jim? Nobody else will ever use it, it's in my office. But Windows keeps stopping me over permissions, or the message "Access denied."

    Anyway, so I logged out as administrator jim and logged in as Administrator. Now I don't even see the folder Documents and Settings.

    How can I once and for all get complete control over my computer so I can open or delete any folder or file?

    Thanks so much for any help, it's making me pull my hair out.


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    Log in with Administrator and make another account with Admin privileges.

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