Startup List - Windows Startup Programs

Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
!!!AntiHook AntiHook.exe No Y
!1_pgaccount pgaccount.exe No Y
!1_ProcessGuard_Startup procguard.exe No Y
!AVG Anti-Spyware avgas.exe Yes Y
!ewido ewido.exe Yes Y
!NoLoad winrecon.exe No N
$EnterNet Enternet.exe No U
$sys$cmp $sys$xp.exe No X
$sys$crash $sys$sonyTimer.exe No X
$sys$crash $sys$sos$sys$.exe No X
$sys$crash $sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe No X
$sys$drv $sys$drv.exe No X
$sys$momomomochin $sys$sonyTimer.exe No X
$sys$momomomochin $sys$sos$sys$.exe No X
$sys$momomomochin $sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe No X
$sys$umaiyo $sys$sonyTimer.exe No X
$sys$umaiyo $sys$sos$sys$.exe No X
$sys$umaiyo $sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe No X
$Volumouse$ volumouse.exe No U
$WindowsRegKey%update IEXPLORE.EXE No X
%cmpmixtitle% %cmpmixstr% No ?
%FP%012-L2TP fts.exe fts.exe No N
%FP%012-L2TP FWPortal.exe FWPortal.exe No U
%FP%1776 Internet fts.exe fts.exe No N
%FP%1776 Internet FWPortal.exe FWPortal.exe No U
%FP%AIRTEL fts.exe fts.exe No N
%FP%Barak013 fts.exe fts.exe No N
%FP%Barak013 FWPortal.exe FWPortal.exe No U
%FP%Friendly fts.exe fts.exe No N
%Temp% %Temp%\delwdef2008.bat No X
%Windir%\winnl.exe winnl.exe No X
%Windir%\winnm.exe winnm.exe No X
Συντόμευση σελίδας ιδιοτήτων του High Definition Audio HDAudPropShortcut.exe No U
'AdwarePro' 'AdwarePro'.exe No X
'Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2 Guard' AntiSpyWare2Guard.exe No Y
(*)API Machine winSOCKS.exe No X
(*)Run win32API.exe No X
(Default) media_driver.exe No X
(Default) Shania.vbs No X
(Default) NOTEPAD.exe No X
(Default) [random filename].exe No X
(Default) twunk_32.exe No X
(Default) winhelp.exe No X
(Default) spolsvr2.exe No X
(Default) winbas12.exe No X
(Default) Systrsy.exe No X
(Default) llsass.exe No X
(Default) syspol.exe No X
(default) winlog.exe No X
(default) rundll32.exe [path to DLL file],Do98Work No X
(Default) winligom.exe No X
(Default) 5640.exe No X
(Default) ajsha5.exe No X
(Default) QQUpdate.exe No X
(Default) Mcafee.exe No X
(Default) fada.exe No X
(Default) Default.exe No X
(Default) KEYBOARD.exe No X
(Default) No X
(Default) gbpm.exe No X
(Default) msnupdate.exe No X
(Default) regedit.exe /s appboost.reg No X
(Default) xtreme.exe No X
(default) WINLOGON.EXE No X
(Default) diagcfg.exe No X
(Default) asdfsd343f.exe No X
(default) svchost.exe No X
(Default) avg.exe No X
(Default) axeWen.exe No X
(Default) ifconfig.exe No X
(Default) winweng.exe No X
(Default) ctmon.exe No X
(L4r1$$4) (4nt1) (V1ruz) SP00Lsv32.pif No X
*Bandook msdll.exe No X
*Intelli Mouse Pro Version 2.0B* ncsjapi32.exe No X
*JanisRuckenbrodII No X
*loadfax loadfax.exe No X
*Microsoft Update ctxma.exe No X
*Microsoft Update cxma.exe No X
*Microsoft Update wstcl.exe No X
*Microsoft Update wucxt.exe No X
*Microsoft Update wuytc.exe No X
*MS Setup [random filename] No X
*MSConfig32 aecache.exe No X
*Restore rstrui.exe No Y
*Security Center secctr.exe No X
*StateMgr statemgr.exe No Y
*WerKernelReporting WerFault.exe No N
*windows update wrauclt.exe No X
*windows update wuanclt.exe No X
*windows update wuaucrlt.exe No X
*windows update wuraclt.exe No X
*windows update wurauclt.exe No X
*windows update wsctl.exe No X
*windows update wkmst.exe No X
*windows update wscxt.exe No X
*windows update waurclt.exe No X
*windows update wuaruclt.exe No X
*windows update wruaclt.exe No X
*windows update wruauclt.exe No X
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