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Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
*windows update wuacrlt.exe No X
*windows update wuruclt.exe No X
*Windows [filename] Checker [filename] No X
*WindowsAudio systemupd.exe No X
*WinLogon [trojan path] ren time:[random number] No X
*winsocks msnmess.exe No X
*winstats winstats.exe No X
*wmstu wmstu.exe No X
*wuauclt.exe w****.exe [* = random char] No X
*zggjmyd zggjmyd.exe No X
,main drive Loader wininfo.exe No X
-=+(L4r1$$4)+=-(4nt1)-=+(V1ru$)=-+ ISASS.exe No X
-FreedomNeedsReboot ZkRunOnceR.exe Yes Y
.. ABC2007.exe No X
.mscdr lassa.exe No X
.mscdr lsvchost.exe No X
.mscdsr lsvchost.exe No X
.mscsbl svhost.exe No X
.mscsbl SVCHOST.EXE No X
.msfupdate msveup.exe No X
.mssecure mssecure.exe No X
.NET config sysmon32.exe No ?
.Net Recovery rundll32.exe dotnetfx.dll,repair No X
.NET. msnmgnr.exe No X
.norton rchost.exe No X
.nvsvc smss.exe No X
.nvsvcb smssb.exe No X
.Prog services.exe No X
.Prog winlogon.exe No X
.protected N/A No X
.service winlgon.exe No X
.svchost CSRSS.EXE No X
.TEXTCONV csrss.exe No X
.TEXTCONV lsass.exe No X
.WMAudio csrss.exe No X
.WMAudio lsass.exe No X
/l:eng N/A No N
/s N/A No N
0 0.exe No X
000 pit.exe No U
000hpdllhos hpdllhost.exe No X
000StTHK 000StTHK.exe No U
0050726-007-i32-1 0050726-007-i32-1.exe No X
007-Anti-Spyware.exe 007-Anti-Spyware.exe No X
00DSKSVR00 desksaver.exe saskda Yes ?
00DSKSVR01 desksaver.exe tray Yes U
00ERSRRRNKY eraser.exe Yes U
00notify33 NetBrowser.exe Yes ?
00PCTFW FirewallGUI.exe Yes Y
00saskda newlock.exe saskda Yes ?
00TCrdMain TCrdMain.exe No Y
00THotkey 00THotKey.exe No U
00THotkey system32THotkey.exe No U
0190 Warner WARN0190.EXE No U
0900 Warner WARN0900.EXE No U
0CF48.exe 0CF48.exe No X
0mcamcap 0mcamcap.exe No X
0utlook Express *****.exe [* = random char] No X
0_AVD32 xzboot.exe No X
1 1.exe No X
1 lsass.scr No X
1 svchost.scr No X
1 mrcmgr.exe No X
1 KHATRA.exe No X
1 addit.exe No X
1&1 EasyLogin EasyLogin.exe No N
1-sukarno sukarno.exe No X
101Clips 101Clips.exe No U
1029BB4B-16A9-4E77-AA3D-96930BD68EEC sysockeu.exe No X
10Base-T explore.exe No X
1111swapmgr.exe 1111swapmgr.exe No X
123 wintask.exe No X
1234klsjdc uiar924c af sxgnsvuxct.exe No X
1234klsjdc uiar924c af sysvtypkbjx.exe No X
123Monitor SpywareFreeMonitor.exe No X
12CFG214-K641-12SF-N85P vsbntlo.exe No X
12CFG214-K641-24SF-N85P ls888.exe No X
12CFG214-K641-24SF-N85P vsofat.exe No X
12CFG515-K641-55SF-N55P vslmq.exe No X
12CFG515-K641-55SF-N66P pqlmq.exe No X
12CFG914-K641-26SF-N31P vsexy1.exe No X
12CFG914-K641-26SF-N31P vsse32.exe No X
12CFG914-K641-26SF-N32P vse432.exe No X
12Ghosts Backup 12backup.exe No U
12Ghosts Clip 12clip.exe No U
12Ghosts JustAWindow 12window.exe No U
12Ghosts Popup-Killer 12popup.exe No U
12Ghosts SaveLayout 12autosl.exe No U
12Ghosts SetColor 12color.exe No U
12Ghosts ShowTime 12showtime.exe No U
12Ghosts Synchronize 12sync.exe No U
12Ghosts Tower 12tower.exe No U
12Ghosts TrayProtect 12srvc.exe No U
12Ghosts Wash 12wash.exe No U
12Voip 12Voip.exe Yes N
12ZFG94-F641-2SF-K31P-5N1ER6H6L2 service.exe No X
13CFG914-K641-26SF-N31P vsse33.exe No X
1455 Scan2PC Scan2pc.exe No U
15886941 15886941.exe No X
17779Proj2002 N/A No ?
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