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Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
_ntrdlhost _Ntrdlhost.exe No X
_ntrRescueService _ntrrs.exe No X
_pnd_Panda Antivirus _pnd_*****.exe [* = random char/digit] No X
_rx rundll32.exe No X
_Services.dll smss.exe No X
_Setv No X
_svchost.con No X
_SystemBoot services.exe No X
_SystemDriver csrss.exe No X
_System_Run _svchost_.exe No X
_tdiserv_ _tdicli_.exe No X
_winadm winadm.exe No U
_WinCheck services.exe No X
_WinData services.exe No X
_Windows services.exe No X
_WinINet services.exe No X
_WinMain winexec.exe No X
_WinStart services.exe No X
_winsystem.sys smss.exe No X
_x-Finder _x-Finder.exe No X
{**-**-**-**-**} dwdsregt.exe No X
{**-**-**-**-**} omdsregk.exe No X
{**-**-**-**-**} mrdsregp.exe No X
{**-**-**-**-**} rwwnw64d.exe No X
{0228e555-4f9c-4e35-a3ec-b109a192b4c2} gnotify.exe No U
{05CD0D77-4947-4a56-94FA-0DF0DC644D7B} sysqyzwud.exe No X
{1290A33C-85F5-4164-A1BE-7DD299D4986A} PBKScheduler.exe Yes U
{12EE7A5E-0674-42f9-A76B-000000004D00} rundll32.exe stlb2.dll, DllRunMain No X
{157627A6-2A10-4aa1-B97F-90B8DC6F24AC} sysqkmwfedz.exe No X
{1C-CC-C5-54-ZN} dwdsregt.exe No X
{29123221-3AF8-488c-85DE-6B3EC59E8074} netmedia.exe No X
{2C70168B-97CE-4f31-B85D-1FEC5002721D} sxpgknrwva.exe No X
{2C70168B-97CE-4f31-B85D-1FEC5002721D} sysavxjgdu.exe No X
{2C70168B-97CE-4f31-B85D-1FEC5002721D} sysawpbkvnq.exe No X
{2C70168B-97CE-4f31-B85D-1FEC5002721D} sysxhtcwbse.exe No X
{2CF0B992-5EEB-4143-99C0-5297EF71F444} rundll32.exe stlbdist.dll,DllRunMain No X
{2CF0B992-5EEB-4143-99C2-5297EF71F44B} rundll32.exe stlbupdt.DLL,DllRunMain No X
{357AA41A-B7A8-4632-A27D-5B980B25CF43} [path to svchost.exe] No X
{357AA41A-B7A8-4632-A27D-5B980B25CF43} services.exe No X
{357AA41A-B7A8-4632-A27D-5B980B25CF43} [path to trojan] No X
{42562052-EE17-4197-82C7-91CB2E4B0666} sysrswva.exe No X
{48DBCECD-61F9-DBB6-AB03-49E1901B80A7} ichu.exe No X
{52-28-8E-E8-ZN} thinksnet.exe No X
{5DB71FAB-32CB-CC58-E728-DB563FE51494} egoxs.exe No X
{78B578D7-BCE1-4d83-9CD4-195BC34D8CB3} sxjecknqhu.exe No X
{78B578D7-BCE1-4d83-9CD4-195BC34D8CB3} syspyukrazv.exe No X
{78B578D7-BCE1-4d83-9CD4-195BC34D8CB3} syssfzvakqg.exe No X
{7DD4A7AC-A3F1-4495-884A-7947C5B89108} sysahbecjh.exe No X
{914C5BF8-EEDD-4F3A-A8BE-34EE71CF1B29} XPlay.exe No U
{9754B85A-3B34-4969-BE1F-CD03227E9470} syszweuas.exe No X
{9754B85A-3B34-4969-BE1F-CD03227E9470} sysatjsicj.exe No X
{A4C928E8-0ABA-4fd3-83DF-23BE54ADF9A4} sxnwhbvrzc.exe No X
{A4C928E8-0ABA-4fd3-83DF-23BE54ADF9A4} sysqrnxstju.exe No X
{AF13D6C2-E926-01EF-06C8-326F092AAF9D} oxadw.exe No X
{B081DB1F-4EE6-4021-9DD4-8B300F0D636D} syssngbeh.exe No X
{B179023B-6238-4499-8F26-CD73E9D90E0A} MacDrive.exe No U
{B3B48B54-C0EC-4705-8EE8-1981AEF656A7} sysjcyrq.exe No X
{B7-7D-D0-08-ZN} dwdsregt.exe No X
{BAAA759D-56F0-428c-B8DA-827EA3B08C2C} sysawechod.exe No X
{BB87203E-EBAD-7A2C-8F8F-FF9626E7B87B} aconi.exe No X
{C0FB7D08-056E-1033-0501-03020730002c} Update.exe No X
{C2220120-1C24-4a79-BA7A-DDCBFC209DB3} sysfbdgv.exe No X
{C599792D-C6D9-461d-93CA-B48BFF8E37B1} sysfdyev.exe No X
{D792EEBE-2C75-4EAA-09C3-AD660894D8F6} aqlyi.exe No X
{DD651081-A909-45ad-BD71-2335B0ADE043} sysutrnez.exe No X
{DD651081-A909-45ad-BD71-2335B0ADE043} sysabmpmfr.exe No X
{DD651081-A909-45ad-BD71-2335B0ADE043} sysnxcphmgy.exe No X
{E4785213-3EFE-4c26-A9B4-332440E31F6F} sysrxmfdksp.exe No X
{F758F78B-0885-490e-AA3C-4A38D28B0240} sxpjbwvahn.exe No X
{F758F78B-0885-490e-AA3C-4A38D28B0240} sysyeabdgfp.exe No X
ĀµTorrent bittorrent.exe Yes N
ĀµTorrent uTorrent.exe Yes N
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