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Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
ActiveKeys.AAB635BD7D054a37A576 akeys.exe No U
ActiveMenu ActiveMenu.exe No U
ActivePlus activeplus.exe No U
ActiveScan Antivirus ActiveScan.exe No X
ActiveScript32 nod.exe No X
ActiveShield mcvsshld.exe Yes Y
ActiveSpeed AS.exe No N
ActiveSync wcescom32.exe No X
ActiveWords AWMonitor.exe No N
ActiveX File Registration Service filereg.exe No X
ActiveX Streamer msgfix.exe No X
ActiveXUpdate svcss.exe No X
Activity actik.exe No U
ActivSurf backweb*****.exe No N
ActMaker ActMak25.exe No U
ActMaker ActMaker25.exe No U
ACTray ACTray.exe Yes U
Actual Window Manager ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe No U
Actual Window Minimizer ActualWindowMinimizerCenter.exe No U
ACTX1 v1201.exe No X
ACU ACU.exe No U
ACWLIcon ACWLIcon.exe Yes U
Ad Arrest adarrest.exe No U
Ad Blocker blocker.exe No U
Ad Blocker Pro Ad Blocker Pro.exe No U
Ad Muncher AdMunch.exe No U
Ad Online Guide adonlineguide.exe No ?
Ad-Aware Ad-Aware.exe No U
Ad-Aware Ad-Aware.exe No X
Ad-Eliminator ad-eliminator.exe No X
Ad-Protect ad-protect.exe No U
Ad-watch Ad-watch.exe No U
Ad-Watch AAWTray.exe No U
AD2KClient AD2KClient.exe No U
Adaptec DirectCD Directcd.exe No N
AdaptecDirectCD Directcd.exe No N
AdAware wini.exe No X
Adaware Bootup Ad-aware.exe No U
Adaware lptt01 adaware.exe No X
Adaware ml097e adaware.exe No X
AdBin AdBin.exe No U
adcareup adcareup.exe No X
Add**.exe [* = random char] Add**.exe [* = random char] No X
Add**32.exe [* = random char] Add**32.exe [* = random char] No X
AddClass AddClass.exe No X
AddClass [Installation_Path] No X
AddClass [path to trojan] No X
AdDelete AdDelete.exe No U
AdDestroyer AdDestroyer.exe No X
Additional Guard WI[random characters].exe No X
ADDITIONAL Services pkgadd.exe No X
addons addon.exe No X
addproxy addproxy.exe No ?
AddrPlus3 [path] stup.exe [path] Adplus.dll Rundll32 No X
ADG ADG.exe No ?
ADGJdet ADGJDet.exe No N
adi CleanUp CleanUp.exe Yes Y
adi DSndUp DSndUp.exe Yes Y
aDir adirss.exe No X
Adiras Adiras.exe No Y
adirka adirka.exe No X
AdKiller AD Defender.exe No X
adlhidp psncc32.exe No X
ADM Library Loader admlib32.exe No X
Admanager Controller AdManCtl.exe No X
Admilli Service AdmilliServ.exe No X
administration administration.exe No X
Administrator svchost.scr No X
Administrator winlogon.exe No X
Administrator di Dago Dago.exe No X
AdminSoft sysfile.vbs No X
ADMTray.exe admtray.exe No ?
Adobe Adobe.exe No X
Adobe sysconfig.exe No X
adobe gam.exe No X
Adobe sysbat32.exe No X
Adobe zteam.exe No X
Adobe Acrobat READER~1.EXE Yes N
Adobe Acrobat Reader_sl.exe Yes N
Adobe Acrobat Acrobat_sl.exe Yes N
Adobe Acrobat Distiller Application acrotray.exe No X
Adobe Acrobat Reader CFG [random filename] No X
Adobe Acrobat Speed Launcher Acrobat_sl.exe Yes N
Adobe Acrobat Speed Launcher SC_Acrobat.exe Yes N
Adobe Acrobat Synchronizer AdobeCollabSync.exe No U
Adobe Acrobat Synchronizer ADOBEC~1.EXE No U
Adobe ARM AdobeARM.exe Yes N
Adobe Bridge CS5 Bridge.exe Yes N
Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer ADOBEC~1.EXE Yes U
Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer AdobeCollabSync.exe Yes U
Adobe CS4 Service Manager CS4ServiceManager.exe Yes N
Adobe CS5 Service Manager CS5ServiceManager.exe Yes N
Adobe Filter Platform afilterplatform.exe No X
Adobe Flash Player AdobeFP.exe No X
Adobe Gamma Adobe Gamma Loader.exe Yes U
Adobe Gamma ADOBEG~1.EXE Yes U
Adobe Gamma Loader Adobe Gamma Loader.exe Yes U
Adobe Gamma Loader ADOBEG~1.EXE Yes U
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