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Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
Adobe Gamma Loader.exe Adobe Gamma Loader.exe Yes U
Adobe Gamma Loader.exe ADOBEG~1.EXE Yes U
Adobe Media Player Adobe Media Player.exe Yes N
Adobe Media Player ADOBEM~1.EXE Yes N
Adobe Photo Downloader apdproxy.exe Yes N
Adobe Photo Downloader 3.0 component apdproxy.exe Yes N
Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition apdproxy.exe Yes N
Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager AdobeARM.exe Yes N
Adobe Reader Speed Launch reader_sl.exe Yes N
Adobe Reader Speed Launch READER~1.EXE Yes N
Adobe Reader Speed Launch reader_sl.exe No X
Adobe Reader Speed Launcher Reader_sl.exe Yes N
Adobe Reader Speed Launcher reader_sl.exe No X
Adobe Reader Synchronizer AdobeCollabSync.exe Yes U
Adobe Reader Synchronizer ADOBEC~1.EXE Yes U
Adobe Reader Updater c2 adobecrn.exe No X
Adobe Reader Updaters AdobeAMC.exe No X
Adobe Reader32 Acrord32.exe No X
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Gamma Loader ADOBEG~1.EXE Yes U
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Gamma Loader Adobe Gamma Loader.exe Yes U
Adobe Update Manager AdobeUpdateManager.exe No N
Adobe Update Manager AdobeUpdater.exe No X
Adobe Updater AdobeUpdater.exe No X
Adobe Updater Adobe_Updater.exe No N
Adobe Updater AdobeUpdater.exe No N
Adobe Updater Startup Utility UpdaterStartupUtility.exe Yes N
Adobe Version Cue CS2 VersionCueCS2Tray.exe No U
adobe32 adobeupdate.exe No X
Adobe32 ARM rundll32.exe No X
AdobeA adobes.exe No X
AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0 UpdaterStartupUtility.exe Yes N
AdobeAdobeUpdaterInstallMgr adobeupdaterinstallmgrupdater.exe No X
AdobeARM AdobeARM.exe Yes N
AdobeARMS AdobeARMS.exe No X
AdobeBridge Bridge.exe Yes N
AdobeCS4ServiceManager CS4ServiceManager.exe Yes N
AdobeCS5ServiceManager CS5ServiceManager.exe Yes N
AdobeFonts fonts.hta No X
AdobeManager rundtl.exe No X
adobemgr adobemgr.exe No X
AdobeReader msni.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro msnxpsp.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro ntkernell32.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro msnserve.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro updt.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro rruxdkf.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro svxhost.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro winslog.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro lxlfsprrj.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro cbdzfrsl.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro subset.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro winini.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro rvdjlefr.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro spoolss.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro lssas.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro msnservex.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro msnsrcdv.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro chkdisk.exe No X
AdobeReaderPro service.exe No X
AdobeReaderProfessional msx64.exe No X
AdobeReaderPros sysmsn.exe No X
Adobes Updates ddosw.exe No X
AdobeUpdate Wininet.exe No X
AdobeUpdateManager AdobeUpdateManager.exe No N
AdobeUpdater AdobeUpdater.exe No N
AdobeUpdater6 Adobe_Updater.exe No N
AdobeUpdaterInstallMgrAdobeUpdater adobeupdaterinstallmgrupdater.exe No X
AdobeUpdaterUpdater adobeupdaterinstallmgrupdater.exe No X
AdobeVersionCue VersionCueTray.exe No U
Adobe_ID0ENQBO VersionCueCS4Tray.exe No U
Adobe_ID0EYTHM VersionCueCS3Tray.exe No U
Adobe_Reader acrotray.exe No X
Adobe_RLX ccwap.exe No X
Adobe_Updater Adobe_Updater.exe No N
adodemaster adodemaster.exe No X
Adope File Manager lsasv.exe No X
adp adp.exe No X
AdPopup dcf5678.exe No X
adprot adprot.exe No X
ADQuickAccess Adtray.exe No N
ADriver windrv.exe No X
AdRoarUpdate ARUpdate.exe No X
AdRotator.Application [path to csrss.exe] No X
AdRotator.Application services.exe No X
ADS Adware Remover ADS Adware Remover.exe No X
AdsAlert AdsAlert.exe No X
AdsBlocker stopAds.exe No X
AdsCleaner AdsCleaner.exe No U
ADService ADService.exe No U
AdsGone Adsgone.exe No U
AdsGone 2003 Adsgone.exe No U
AdsGone 2004 Adsgone.exe No U
AdsGone 2005 Adsgone.exe No U
AdsGone 2006 Adsgone.exe No U
ADSL Diagnostic Tools mapiicon.exe No N
ADSLSYSTEMTRAY SystemtrayV100B.exe No ?
AdslTaskBar rundll32.exe stmctrl.dll, TaskBar No Y
AdslTaskBars taskmng.exe No X
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