An Introduction To Sdn Switch

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    Software defined networking is the new concept in networking field. SDN transfers control a software plane known as a Controller after decoupling it from the hardware. This allows quick management of network movement by network administrators.

    An SDN controller acts as the brain of the network. It optimizes the functioning of a network, which in turn increases its efficiency. The central control layer in SDN switch adjusts the flow of information and the associated use of bandwidth.

    A high bandwidth SDN switch provides operators with increased flexibility and improved performance with simplified operations. It also monitors the traffic easily and efficiently to the underlying systems like switches, routers and other network gears. This helps network engineers respond easily to changing business need and adjust the flow of traffic without manipulating switches individually.

    SDN is growing as a major technology and its market has proved out to be fruitful for telecommunication providers. They have started looking out for ways to optimize the costs and increase the network efficiency of the available networks.

    Moreover, it provides high reliability in network functioning and programmable interfaces and switches which means scaling up or scaling down of network operations is easy. The main reason for this is that traffic load is adjusted quickly and cost-effectively.

    In today’s time, on one hand, gaps in network technology such as complexity, inability to scale up or scale down and vendor dependence are leading to slow growth, whereas, on the other hand, SDN seems to be the ray of hope. With the emergence of the new era that is more data-driven and application intensive, SDN is the answer to future progress.

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