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Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by Quick$ilver, Nov 8, 2001.

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    Samsung DVD SD-612
    Previous Firmware - 0.3

    *Downloaded (flashed through WinXP) firmware SD-612 v0.3u; DVD worked like usual
    -Downloaded (flashed through WinXP) firmware SD-612b v0.5
    -DVD light flashes once when computer turns on
    -Light doesn't blink anymore afterwards
    -Tray doesn't operate
    -System BIOS does not detect the DVD anymore nor does DOS, Windows XP, or the flashing utility in dos and windows. (sfdnw2k.exe, sfdndos.exe)

    -Firmware is either corrupt or -wrong model-
    The flash was very slow took about 5 minutes
    (comparable to 1-2 minutes for the other flash)
    -Seems to power off after initializing when system turns on (drive is inoperable)
    -Unflashable in result to powering off**

    >Is their any way to resolve this problem?
    -Get it back in working condition
    -Loading the appropriate firmware back on
    >Is their any jumper settings to reset firmware?
    >Do I possibly have to purchase a new (firmware) v0.3 EEPROM and replace the old chip it?

    Sent the same problem to Samsung tech-support, just seeing if anyone on this forum can shed light on this problem. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank-you for your time.

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    Sorry not sure what you meant by that (if you did try reflashing with the older bios or not). If you haven't tried that yet, it's probably the best way to get your drive working again if it worked previously.

    I've only dealt with Pioneer and Toshiba DVD-ROM drives so I can't really tell you whether or not there is a jumper setting to return to the prvious state.

    Flashing the bios back to an older version should work, if not hopefully Samsung can provide you with more info or maybe a replacement drive.
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    THx for the reply,

    The tray doesn't work and the and the DVD acts dead. The only activity that it does is the DVD LED blinks once when I turn the computer. The POST doesn't pick the DVD up on SM anymore, and the flash program cannot detect it (or any other OS or program). The computer is acting like the drive does not exist.
    I know this is in result to either flashing the DVD drive with potentially corrupt or wrong firmware. If you know of ways to manually reset the eeprom on the optical-drives you work on or any other procedures that may help, then can you please tell me (there maybe a similar way for the Samsung DVD drive).

    I know my options are probably-
    *Manually resetting the EEPROM (via jumpers or some other method)
    *Replacing the EEPROM.
    *Having Samsung service it for $.
    *Manually writing the Firmware with an EEPROM writer
    *Buying a new drive (which I'm trying to avoid)

    I doubt my computer is covered under waranty anymore, I'll have to check.

    thx, --Quick$ilver

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