Fuzzy sounds?

Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by Zahn97, May 26, 2012.

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    So, I've woken up, and I turned on my computer, I wanted to watch Star Wars that I had torrented.
    Well, I began to listen through my External Speaks hooked up to the headphone jack, and I saw that the actual plug was slightly bent. I ignored it, as it caused no problems beforehand. Then, I began the movie, it played for a bit on a good digital sound then it began skipping. I took notice quickly and then wondered why it was doing that, I then thought, "Perhaps it was the DVD rip quality?"
    I then fixed the plug. Still fuzzy. I said screw it and went on listening and I got curious. I went on YouTube and clicked a random Video that came up. I began to listen a few minutes and it was still fuzzy. So I then got pissed. I put in a different external audio device, still fuzzy. So obviously it was the jack messing up and not my Hardware, I then used the default device, the on-board speakers and it was still FUZZY. I got up and rounded up some money and drove to Walmart. I bought a HP digital sound USB headset. I installed the drivers and began to listen to a new YouTube video.
    It STILL WAS FUZZY. So could I have some help? I mean what in the hell is going on with my Laptop?

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