How do you add audio to a web log?

Discussion in 'Web Design & Programming' started by geek9pm, Jul 2, 2007.

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    :chk: Hi, hope this is not off topic. I want to put up an audio web log. I want to post something and add my voice, not music, to the written stuff. I talk better that I write. I can add a flash player, but I am ignorant as to how flash works. It is a real main to try to add the HTML ans SWF files to a post.
    So, is that a better way to do this? I am a real dummy when it comes to making web log. I have years of programming, but this stuff is just so awkward. There must be an easy tool for this. Any help please. The site I am doing is Domain name DSLGEEK and you can see by wimpy efforts there. :O Please don't be too hard on me

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