HP Color LaserJet 2500n

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    Hi, we have a HP Color LaserJet 2500n which refuses to print. When sending something to print or running a test page through, the printer will warm up (making noises like its trying to print but just cant) and eventually return an alert warning light on the control panel of the printer.

    We have checked the paper tray and everything looks all right. We have also taken out the toners and cleaned it up inside, but still no joy.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. zeus

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    Check it set up to work through the correct port.
  3. Sniper

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    also make sure you are using the correct drivers :)
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    I have a lexmark and everytime I install it I have a problem similar to yours.
    What I do is I let XP install its drivers, then I reboot, then I install the latest drivers from lexmark's website. I then have two printers installed so I set the latter as the default, delete the other one (from the "printers and faxes" section of the start menu), I reboot, and everything works.

    So I suggest you do that (with HP drivers of course).

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