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Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by RSCOMP2800, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Good Day

    I have strange issue, First of all the internal screen is damaged , The laptop was working fine on the external display but the PC was giving issues with Windows , I recently reloaded it (Windows on top of Wndows) . Now I cannot get the external display to work without drivers, I took the PC apart to blow out the system, is there away to get the HP G7 to Boot from External Screen instead of internal while we wait for the part to come

    Its an HP G7

    2nd Gen i5
    Mobility Radeon, (Not sure what Graphics Card model)
    8GB RAM

    I Even opened up the laptop and unplugged the screen cable that goes to the motherboard to force it to boot to VGA/HDMI and it does nothing, I can hear windows start up but nothing on the screen , FN+F4 Does not work either

    Please assist me . I have attached pictures as well

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    Perhaps that external display during boot can be enabled from BIOS. Altough pretty hard to adjust anything on BIOS without seeing settings...

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