iPhone OS 4.0 Beta review

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    iPhone OS 4.0 beta review
    Apple has released a pre-release version of iPhone OS 4.0 last Thursday to registered Apple Developers. This version has some great improvements which has been asked for by many users since the release of the 1st iPhone.

    Note for pre-release software: This software is still in a development stage and therefore not finished. The final product may vary in many ways, including features and performance. Installing iPhone OS 4.0 requires your device to be registered as a developer device, and should not be installed by 'regular' users.

    Requirements for OS 4.0:

    - iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs
    - iPod Touch 2nd generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation

    Requirements for Multitasking:

    - iPhone 3Gs or iPod Touch 3rd generation

    Noticable features:

    - Multitasking
    - Home Screen wallpaper
    - Folders
    - Unified Mailbox
    - Multiple Exchange Accounts (Microsoft Exchange 2010 support)
    - iBooks
    - Game Center
    - New Photo manager: Albums, Events, Faces
    - Tap to Focus for video
    - Persistent Wi-Fi

    Build 8A320m (Beta 1)

    Home Screen:

    Message Settings:

    Search categories:

    Triple-click Home button:


    Location Services settings:

    Image options:


    Bring up the Multitasking panel by double-pressing the Home button. To unload an app, hold down its icon and then press the red button to unload it:




    Image options:

    Sending an Email with images:


    Noteworthy items in this build:

    - In Mail, the Delete button is replaced by an Archive button. There's also a Move button.
    - In Safari, the blue Google button on the keyboard is replaced by a blue Search button.
    - Safari can save your passwords of login forms
    - Graphical glitches in the Photos app
    - After changing the default wallpaper of the Home Screen, it can't be changed back to the default one.

    Build 8a248c (beta 2)

    The 2nd beta includes some changes:

    - Restoring backups of OS 3 cause the device to reboot. Only the home screen wallpaper and order of icons are restored.
    - The default Home Screen wallpaper can now be chosen, if it has been changed.
    - Screenshots are not being saved.
    - The Camera app freezes after shooting a picture.

    There are no changes to the user interface compared to Beta 1.

    Build 8a260b (beta 3)

    Beta 3 is much more stable than the other beta versions. It also contains a few changes:

    - Redesigned Multitasking tray. Sliding it to the right brings up Rotation Lock and iPod controls
    - The background of the Multitasking tray and folders are the same as the iPad background
    - Rotation Lock (the status can be seen in the status bar). Prevents the screen from going to Landscape Mode.

    New Multitasking tray:

    Issues with this build:
    - When a call is received, it takes a few seconds before it actually answers the call when you slide the answer button.
    - When a Youtube video is played, the controls don't show when tapping the video.

    iOS 4.0 GM (Golden Master Seed) build 8a293

    iPhone OS is now called iOS. A new version has been released, the so-called Golden Master Seed. This can be compared to a Release Candidate.

    - It's no longer required to perform a clean installation. iOS can be updated to version 4.0.
    - The disappearing controls of the Youtube app has been fixed.
    - The camera app now properly zooms in without image corruption.
    - The Photos app has 2 categories: Albums and Places.

    Issues with this build:

    - The Cover Art in the iPod app is not scaled down properly and therefore looks ugly.

    Final Version
    Apple has just released the final version of iOS 4. It's the same build as the GM build. People who installed the GM build recently don't need to install the final version.

    update: there appears to be a few changes in the final version after all:

    - Cover Art is now scaled down properly
    - Game Center has been removed. It appears to be a developer preview and is going to be added again later this year.

    The iPad version of iOS 4 will be released around Fall 2010.
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    looking forward to the update! unfortunately I have the first gen iPhone so will have to get the latest iPhone 4G ;)
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    Think I'll also get the next iPhone, because my current carrier subscriptions is almost at the end of the period. I usually purchase official simlock-free versions from Italy, because T-Mobile has the exclusive right here and their connectivity is absolutely worthless. But I'm with Vodafone now, and they might sell it this year :)

    The only real problem with the OS 4.0 is a feature called 'persistent Wi-Fi connections'. If you don't turn off Wi-Fi after use, it stays on and drains the battery overnight.
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    Apple iphone is the most cool telephone i have seen,it is light and pretty.I hope it can update quickly,let us use the best smart telephone

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