Logitech MX610

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by ninja fetus, Nov 22, 2005.

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    First off, if I was to rate the mouse on my impressions so far I've had it for about a week this is what I'd have to say. More updates if anything changes.

    Comfort-5/5 The thing fits my hand perfectly, that's why I got it.

    Buttons-4/5 The Email/IM notification buttons don't work, but I assaigned them to my Music folders and Firefox so it's all good. I really like how I can open music or a browser from my mouse. There are forward and back buttons and a side scrool weel. Yes, you push it to the side and it scrolls to the side! I love the volume controls up and down and mute are good for when my mom walks in while I play games.

    Battery-5/5 It goes into sleep mode which dramatically saves battery life. I use rechargeable batteries anyway so it doesn't matter. The mouse uses 2 AA batteries, but I've used only 1 in it without any problems. The extra weight is very easy to get used to.

    Laser Tracker-4.5/5 The thing is extremely sensitive. I play CS at 1.5 with mouse filtering instead of 5 (this is out of 20). Took me 4 or 5 days to get used to the sensitivity and another two to get my game back.

    Appearance-5/5 This thing is sexy to the max. I love it. I like how hard rubberish sides meet up with hard smooth plastic for the buttons. Everything about it is sleek and smooth.

    Comes with a 5-year warranty which is pretty good I guess, Logitech has a pretty good reputation for making quality mouses and keyboards so I'm not all too concerned.

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    I think we got a few of these in at work, are they the 1600DPI ones? If so I agree with you, it's a very comfortable mouse.
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    Nice review NF :cool:
    The logitech mice have always been the most confortable to use, puts Microsoft mice to shame. Although, i do find the Logitch Media Play mouse exteremly confortable and can use it as a remote control :)

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