Mixed Drinks

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big B, May 16, 2005.

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    Something I created a few weeks ago.

    I originally made it for my girlfriend but decided I liked it so I have been making them frequently.

    Start with the punch:

    Conction of cran rasberry juice and mix with pineapple juice.

    Pour around 6 ounces or so into a shaker with ice.
    1 shot of pineapple syrup

    2-3 shots of coconut rum
    2-3 shots of triple sec
    Its not that strong of alcohol so you could get away with more if you'd like to.

    Prepare you drinking glass filled with ice and then fill the bottom of the glass with a lemon lime soda or to an amount of your liking.

    Shake the contents in the shaker for around 15 seconds, pour and chug.

    Another good drink, NOT THE SHOT!

    Jager and red bull. 1 can makes around 2 drinks for a regular 8 ounch glass so this can get pricey. This also gets you torn up. A good way to go out and lose money playing pool with strangers at a bar. There is another herbal liqour that is a little stronger that works well, black forest devil I believe is the name. Every bit as good but I believe its around 100 proof so it has more fire.

    Espresso Martini is a good drink but you want to order them when someone else is paying. :chk: There is also a chocolate mint flavored martini that is equally as good. Same rules apply for ordering.

    My favorite airplane drink has to be the gin and tonic. I dont know why it always tastes so much better then at home. Nothing spells fun like stumbling to the bathroom in turbulence.

    And finally if you are looking to partially blackout at your office Christmas party, ruin the rest of your plans for going out later, wish to come home and pass out in the shower only to have your girlfriend find you laying down urinating on yourself then I would go with Scotch. Lots of it, chased with scotch, mixed with scotch. You can have a few expensive beers that you dont remember at dinner if you want a little variety. But dont worry, there buying!

    "We will aquire some wine on the way to mall." "and you can get torn up!"
    "and pass out in the hot sun"
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    Here's a new one:

    5-Star Dork Juice (my name for it)

    2oz vodka
    4oz Mountain Dew
    4oz Mountain Dew LiveWire
    4-6oz grape cranberry juice (chilled)

    Pour the vodka and Mountain Dews into a container and shake a little to mix them up (don't go crazy on the shaking)

    Pour that over the juice in a 12oz glass and serve.

    I've been up almost 21 hours as it is right now, so any alcohol isn't going to have much of a fight.
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    Thread necromancy!

    Tried this with the wifey for St. Patrick's Day.

    The Nutty Irishman

    1:1 ratio of Frangelico (or any hazelnut liquor) and Irish Cream (brand of your choice).
    Pour over ice.

    We found the combo of 3oz of each liquor and 2oz of cream was pretty tasty.

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