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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Impotence, Sep 28, 2007.

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    there is nothing wrong with the current quick reply box, i was just wondering if it would make the site slightly more streamlined if instead of having a quick reply box at the bottom of every page a post (which is not part of the thread that everyone else see's until it is submitted) is added to the end of the thread with the quickly reply box inside it (basically what edit post option looks like)

    to see what i mean, click edit on any of your posts.

    also, a quick preview option could be quite nice.... simply a button on the quick reply/edit post toolbar that renders any formating and displays any images just like when you edit your post and click submit, the edit box just disappears leaving your edited post (but leaving behind a few buttons, one to submit and one to return to the edit box)
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    so you mean replace the quick reply box, so it would appear to you as a post but with the quick reply box inside? not sure about that.

    quick preview would work well with quick reply I think, I'll look into it this week for sure, I've already done a mod which shows you the preview via AJAX on the newthread page but not installed it on hardware forums.
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    Go-go AJAX power!
    But yeah, I think a 'quick preview' would be a good option, the quick reply as a 'post' could be kinda confusing for some though.

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