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Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by al capowned, Dec 19, 2009.

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    I am running a Compal KHLB2 laptop with a 15.6" widescreen display using a CHUNGWA CLAA156WA11A screen with a maximum resolution of 1366x768. The screen has been cracked and I am in the process of replacing it but would like to replace it with a screen capable of higher resolutions. I have found a couple of screens capable of 1600x1200 but am unsure as to whether they will be compatible.

    System Specs
    Compal KHLB2
    15.6" CHUNGWA CLAA156WA11
    Core Duo Mobile T9600
    ATI Radeon Mobility HD4650 512MB

    The 2 Screens I am looking at

    Screen 1

    Screen 2

    I just want to be certain that there won't be any issues with compatability. any information that can be provided is greatly appreciated

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