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Discussion in 'Bargain Zone' started by harakim, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. harakim

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    I just paid 1199 for an acer laptop from compUSA. It's a 4202WLMi and I got a 250 dollar rebate. The sale ends tomorow I think, maybe that was a different sale though.

    TravelMate 4202WLMi
    Core Duo T2300, 1,66ghz - 667mhz 2mb L2
    15.4 WXGA wide TFT LCD
    100GB HD
    1GB DDR2 ram

    it has blue tooth, it has 3g whatever that is, a/b/g wireless and I'm typing this about 50 meters from my hub and have 5 bars. DVD dual-layer burner

    it has integrated 950gfx though, so no new games.

    anyway, dual core yonah for 950 isn't bad
  2. Addis

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    Nice laptop :).I have an Acer aswell, the aspire 3023WMLi, the wireless card isn't too good at receiving a signal but it was cheap.
  3. StimpE

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    Nice buy, too bad I have no money :p
  4. Impotence

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    3G was meant to be a great leap in tec for phones (in the UK anyway), its just a higher bandwidth connection that allows for streaming of video, higher quailty sound etc (for things like video calls)

    It never really took off in the massive way that the providers where hoping, but still is being used more (and more :p).

    God knows how you can use it without a smi card in your laptop tho :/
  5. Exfoliate

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    Very nice deal, especially with a full gig and beefy hdd. Sure the gfx could be better as you said but they're serviceable. Can't beat it for the price concidering the other specs.

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