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Discussion in 'HWF Info & Issues' started by Sabotage, Nov 6, 2001.

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    Hi..i live in South Africa and we have a great forum running at BTW could u plz tell me how i can post url's properly. Anyway they've added 2 forums there providing the public to post about their personal experiences and recommendations about certain hardware and software. Both under h/w and s/w review.

    I think its a great idea to inform others since these public reviewers have first hand experience with the stuff...
    Hope this helpz

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    thanks, I will add a hardware / software reviews forums ASAP...
    we should have our site ready soon enough. I dont know how many times I have designed it, i hate inperfection :rolleyes:

    btw: the link you posted works fine as long as you click on it, it opens in a new window, but if you right click and and select open in new window it just goes back to the post...

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