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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Swansen, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Swansen

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    funny ... as it turns out my thoughts were turned into something concrete.

    Anyways, it was just a matter of time before some one did it, made an operating system based off the web.
  2. edijs

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    Nah, I still think that an OS should be rather local. More privacy, higher security, max performance, best control.

    If they would go and create something that is local and not based on Linux (like Mac OS) or Windows, that would be a big one.

    But as many, I think - why should they bother?
  3. RHochstenbach

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    Creating an OS from scratch can be really challenging. Just to know that Microsoft is doing Operating Systems for more than 20 years, and haven't yet released a useful product on the market. Same is for Linux and Mac OS X; these are great, but the UNIX system is in development since the 70s. So I don't think that Google is able to build something from scratch within a year or so.

    But I'm convinced that it's not designed to compete with Windows, but more for computers who only need Internet stuff (like Netbooks for example).
  4. Big B

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    For just surfing, sure, the OS is fine and that's what the design seems to indicate. It's not a bad idea to have an internet-centric OS, but it's not the only option.
    It's another OS, and just because it's not aimed squarely at OS X, Windows, Linux, etc. doesn't mean it's worthless.
    As a comparison, there are many vehicles on the market and they suit the needs of different individuals. I don't need a minivan, but that doesn't negate others use for one.

    Would I look to Chrome for a server? No, but then, that doesn't seem to be the design Google is going for. I'm curious to play with it, but I don't expect there not to be any issues. The fewer variables to contend with, the less potential for problems (which is part of the reason Apple can claim to have a product that works better than Windows), so being that Chrome is web-based and aimed at the netbook market, it's probably going to be a light weight OS...but we shall see. I'm just speculating based on the target market and the design of Chrome OS.

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