trying to install xp on a recent laptop keep getting the blue screen of death

Discussion in 'Windows OS's' started by berttech, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Hello i bought this laptop with the feeling a lot of my software would be suppported but its not a ( like maybe 80% of my stuff works and the 20% of stuff that does not work is really what i need to work on like projects and stuff)

    sos id figured id do a dual boot,

    so i saw an article to make a strip streamed xp disk with your sata drivers integrated i thought i did this with nlite

    i created the iso but when i go and try to install win xp it gets all the way to the end where it loads all the files and drivers and it says windows set up is loading ,then i get the blue screen of death.

    It says check if you have a virus ,did you install any hardware

    etc i do not have a virus and did not install any new hardware.

    I also did not get a found no hard drive error . Could this be an issue with the slip streamed cd i made ? Maybe i could try a normal cd and see if i get the no hard drive error found. or should i just upgrade to windows 7 professional instead of windows 7 home basic?

    let me know

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    First of all, What Is the make and model of the laptop ? And what are its Specks ? Speed/ram/hard drive size....Is this an older laptop or newer one ?
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    Tell me the brand and model of the laptop , maybe it needs SATA drivers to windows XP

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