What computer case can I get?

Discussion in 'Cases, Modding and Gallery' started by Zappysam, Dec 26, 2013.

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    So yesterday I got a brand new PSU (XFX PRO550w) and an MSI R9 270X and everything works great...except now I can't close my case because they take up too much place. So, I have to get and I want a new case. My computer (except for the switched out psu and added gpu obviously) is this one:


    I've taken a look at a few cases on NewEgg already


    but I don't know much about what I should get or what is compatible except that my motherboard is uATX but I obviously don't want an mATX case. Also would it be difficult to do it myself considering changing a psu was pretty easy?

    Also, I have to mention that my room is kept very cool and I live in the North of Canada so needed much better cooling isn't that big of a deal.

    Finally, I need at least 7 free USB ports (not necessarily 3.0) for keyboard, mouse, webcam, wireless headset, headset charging wire and a USB key when needed. And I need at least 2 of the 7 in the front of the case. I also will be eventually buying a new motherboard, PSU and adding another R9 270x as well as adding an SSD. Thanks!
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    You will need a Mid Tower atx case.. As for you changing everything yourself, You can try it.. You will have to get the wiring diagram from the net... Just mark all the Front panel wires... Next will be your motherboard extenders and first is your I/O shield... It is not that hard, just take it real slow..

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