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    Hey all, this is my first post here and I was in search of some help for a modding project of mine and I went over a couple threads seeing that the people here are knowledgeable as well as helpful so I was hoping you guys could help me :)
    Oh and my name is Devon.
    I'm sure all of you have seen the l3p d3sk (if not visit and that's what I'm trying to make, I've already mapped out most of the dimensions as blue prints (I'm old school and too lazy to spend hours working with a 3d program).
    What I have planned out is the same designs with dimensions and all, but different lay out and what not for my own personal flair. What I really need help with is finding a back plate with 8 expansion slots so I can screw it in to where the motherboard will go.
    What I noticed with the l3p desk that is something I really want to create in my own, due to personal OCD, is his management of cables and from what I know he used sound insulation boards as a base to put under the main components. Do you guys think there could be either a better approach or a more affordable one? The only thing that came to mind would be to just have support built into the case but that could be alot more trouble than it's worth...
    Oh and recommendations for getting the metal plate, is there any specific alloy that would give me cooling advantages over the others?

    Anyone know of a website where I can find a pc backplate with an 8slot expansion?
    What should I use to support the motherboard mount? (1 inch thickness is preferred)
    Any specific alloy of aluminum that should be used for strength and cooling over others?

    Thank you in advance and I'll try to reply as soon as I can with whatever information may be needed.
    Oh and once I commit to the project(financial reasons and what not) a build log will be opened :D

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