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    XtraWarp is specifically designed to optimize your application tuning time in real-time , XtraWarp is monitoring your all running processes and Optimize them for your specific needs ( Media , Games, Graphics applications ) . and the results.......

    More Frames in games , no stuck frames when playing movies and less waiting time in graphics applications and if you are doing benchmarks you will get more points.

    Main features:
    • Increase PC Performance for games , media and other office applications.
    • Recover waste usage of cpu.
    • Optimize for specific applications.
    • Smart Detection of Games.
    • Build on the .NET technology.
    • Fully configurable
    • SR - Smart Recovery for non-Optimized applications. ( Best for Games ).
    • SA - Smart Active Real time Process manager.
    • Running automatically.
    • Configurable and now includes the new Exclude Editor.
    • Support 3D benchmarks utilities ( Madonion ).

    XtraWarp is completely automatic , Plug & Play , Install it and thats it , you dont need to do anything.

    Only for Windows 2000 and XP!!

    XtraWarp version requires the installation of the Microsoft .NET framework, as well as the .NET service pack, this framework is only compatible with Windows 98 and later. ( If you have Windows XP SP1 You don’t need to download the .net ).

    Download MS .NET
    Download MS .NET SP2
    Download XtraWarp

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